"The most beautiful thing in the world, is of course, the world itself." In this section, I share with you a narrative of travel experiences from around the world - from swimming with sharks in Dubai to golfing in Scotland. Read on..

Three historic must-dos in Prague

Get your slice of history by visiting the 9th century Prague Castle, visit the very lovely cobblestone Charles bridge, flanked by statues on either side. See the world's oldest Astronomical Clock in action, located on top the Town Hall and learn about its very long history. Read this blog to know all about my visit to the largest city of the Czech Republic, Prague.

Vivanta by Taj - President

My parents were married at The President Hotel, 30 years ago. I recently celebrated my birthday here, and was reminded of why the hotel has remained a family favourite, after all these years, despite the change in name, ownership and all.

CONDE NAST TRAVELLER - I Travel for Sport First!

According to you, what are some of the best golf-courses/ resorts and why? Is there some place that you'd really like to play golf that you haven't so far?

I'm two years into the sport and as I love to travel have had the opportunity to play many spectacular courses in India and around the world. But there truly are still so many to discover. One of the most memorable was staying on a remote but luxurious castle with spectacular views on a cliff at Wick, in Scotland and playing the courses there with their beautiful, fairways banked by the sea.

The Luxe List - St. Regis

Sumptuous silence in constant chaos, for me it's the ultimate luxury. Changes in technology create 24x7 connectivity, and its subsequent impact on lifestyles has created a shift in culture and communication, and a deep interest in less tangible forms of luxury, such as the longing for space and time.

Rays and Ratatouille for Miss Malini

When you spend more than 1500 hours a year in the water, training as a professional swimmer, there are only two reactions humanly possible – you'll either absolutely love the water or never want to see it again when you're done! Water's definitely my first love, which is why even though I've now switched to a new sport, Golf, I still absolutely love being in and around water. It's one of the reasons I like Atlantis, the Palm, in Dubai, with its huge aquariums, private beaches, pools and marine habitats for dolphins and sea lions, so much. That and the fact that I'm Parsi, which I think makes me a foodie by default. This place has no less than 23 different restaurants, bars, lounges and cafes promising cuisines to suit every mood!

My All-time Favourite Monsoon Retreats

There's something about the monsoons that have always had the poets very inspired. And while the city's an unbelievable mess if you're trying to dodge potholed roads, pavements crowded with hawkers and pedestrians or just the traffic that's moving at a snail's pace, there are some places that immediately take you right back to that inspiring, sweet spot like the poets, even in the urban jungle.

India Today Travel Plus Guest Writer

I started swimming at 7, and loved competing, so becoming a professional swimmer was meant to be. I was fortunate that the passion I felt, translated to success and I became one of India's best in the sport. I've recently taken up a new sport - Golf, and now dream of tasting the same success in this as well.

Just Ah! Hospitality

I like this chain of budget hotels. Travel for sport or work, has always been a part of my life and with so much travel, you end up staying in many, many hotel rooms. Bangalore was my home for 13 years as a swimmer, and I continue to visit the city even now, to coach national and state level swimmers.