I've lived a large part of my life trying to shave off seconds in races, and perhaps that was the genesis of a deep appreciation for time and the instruments that tell it.
I have finally found time to pursue this passion, with blogs on time-pieces that have inspired me. It's a passion project and I hope my posts will spark your own interest in this fantastic world of watches.. stay tuned!

Ticket - Talk

The constant force escapement is a mechanism where, irrespective of whether there is maximum power or minimum power left in the mainspring barrel, a consistent amount of force is transmitted through the gear train all the way to the heart of the watch, the escapement. Even when the watch is almost fully unwound - it still keeps correct time.

Tick - Talk

The ideas that went into creating influential watches and how they function have always inspired me. So, here's my attempt to take you through a crash course on how a simple mechanical watch works.

Jaeger - LeCoultre, Verso - Reverso

Record breaking performances by athletes have been measured and immortalised by high performance instruments at events such as the Olympics and every sport's respective World Championships. Today, our social media feed is bombarded with images of athletes from Cristiano Ronaldo and his rare and exorbitantly priced watches to candid, courtside photographs of Michael Jordan sporting high-end chronographs.

Time and Tide: A Sportsman's Voyage

I was a competitive swimmer for 20 years of my life. So, ever since I was six, swimming meant getting from one point to another in the shortest time possible. An obsession with timekeeping became a by-product of my preparation as an athlete. So my interest in watchmaking is only natural.


If I were dreaming of a classic sports car as I often am, the name Swallow Sidecar Company just would not cut it for me. On the other hand, if it were renamed the JAGUAR and you were to add on the model designation XK 120, with the 'X' standing for experimental and 120 being a top speed of 120 mph, and I am well and truly hooked.

SmartLife Cover Shoot

Photoshoots are always fun! I've enjoyed the spotlight as long as I can remember, be it in the pool or in front of the camera ! One of my favourite shoots this year was with ace photographer Subi Samuel with styling by Agnees Banerjee. Sharing some of the looks here.

Man's World Interview

How would you define your style?
Always being extremely comfortable with the choices you make. I don't dress with an effort to please the world; if I'm confident about what I'm wearing,I know I will always carry it off.

One Minute With Rehan Poncha

"Carry off what you wear with confidence."

He is twenty-something blessed with good looks and a fitness freak. He is a professional swimmer as well as a golfer. He is considered as one of the hottest male athletes in India by many. Meet Arjuna awardee REHAN PONCHA.