Just Ah! Hospitality

Just Ah! Hospitality


I like this chain of budget hotels. Travel for sport or work, has always been a part of my life and with so much travel, you end up staying in many, many hotel rooms. Bangalore was my home for 13 years as a swimmer, and I continue to visit the city even now, to coach national and state level swimmers.

I've stayed at JüSTa hotels in Bangalore twice over the last year, and always returned rested and satisfied. Their central location, clean rooms, delicious meals and provision of essential facilities like laundry, fitness centres and free WiFi along with efficient personal service, check off all the must-haves for an excellent budget brand.

On my first visit, I got a special welcome from the
Hospitality and Brand team - Ms. Shwetha Desai and Mr. Karthik Sheshadri.


The JüSTa property, located on MG Road, the vibrant and lively heart of the city, has a lovely, spacious penthouse that is surprisingly quiet considering its location, making it my personal favourite. Room interiors are styled by fashion designer Deepika Govind, and the hand-picked Burma teak furniture and contemporary Indian art creates a unique home-like ambience in each room.


My personal favourite room from JüSTa M. G. Road.


Mr. Shyam and Mr. Rakesh from the hospitality team taking time out to making my golf trip the nicest!


My timings are unusual. Swim workshops often begin as early at 6 am, or my stay might end with a very early round of golf at the Prestige Golfshire, near the airport. The staff at JüSTa have always been kind enough to accommodate my odd timings by putting together delicious breakfasts at these unearthly hours, and ensuring a smooth check out.


Breakfast at 5 am, Chef Kiran and Raju are always the sweetest!!!


JüSTa is also engaged in several other activities that have caught my interest! Through their "Go Green" initiative, the brand has made several efforts to protect and preserve the environment. From installing solar water heating systems to ensuring procurement of products through organic fair trade and that have been produced without child labour, the hotels definitely show a social and environment consciousness that has my vote.

I've now stayed with this chain thrice and I intend to do so again once again this month.

You can connect with them on the following handles:

www.justahotels.com or visit their Facebook and Twitter pages well.