One Minute With Rehan Poncha

One Minute With Rehan Poncha


"Carry off what you wear with confidence."

He is twenty-something blessed with good looks and a fitness freak. He is a professional swimmer as well as a golfer.He is considered as one of the hottest male athletes in India by many.

Meet Arjuna awardee REHAN PONCHA.

1. Fashion is…

Feeling great about yourself and the clothes you wear.

2. Believer or atheist?


3. Tourist or traveler?


4. Poser or photographer?


5. Quirky socks or sockless?


6. Best workout?

One hour of cardio and another one hour of weights and core work! 

7. Best way to de-stress?

Movie at home.

8. Your biggest fashion disaster?

Don't think I've had one yet. 

9. What do you get complimented on most?

With the blogs like Vagabomb and Scoopwhoop naming me one of India's hottest athletes, you can probably guess the sort of mails I've been getting off late.

10. A fashion tip you would like to share…

Don't try too hard, carry off what you wear with confidence and work on staying fit, not for others but for you!

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