Man's World Interview

Man's World Interview



What does fashion or style mean to you?
Style to me is about feeling confident and good about yourself.


How would you define your style?
Always being extremely comfortable with the choices you make. I don't dress with an effort to please the world; if I'm confident about what I'm wearing,I know I will always carry it off. 


What are your wardrobe basics - what are the things you definitely need to have in your wardrobe?
I spend a lot of time on the course training for golf and I like to wear fitted trousers and slim fit polo tees. On the pool deck where I conduct swim workshops it's sporty, funky casual shorts and tees. I'm now doing a lot of corporate talks and that usually has me in more formal attire - formal shirts and trousers or even suits.vI love accessories - and have host of belts and watches and never leave home without my wrist bracelets!


What is the biggest fashion faux pas you have ever made?
When I was younger, I had a pair of ridiculously cut jeans that made me look like I was from a different era! Then, I grew up !


If you were to give ten style 'rules' for men, what would they be?
For instance, someone can say 'I hate the way some men wear T-shirts that they seem to literally burst out of- they look ugly'. You could even put five or six 'rules if you believe'.


I think style is something you need to define for yourself and my first rule would be don't be scared to experiment. But some experiments that I think you could safely miss: 

  • Don't wear your shorts halfway down your knees, sliding off your butt!
  • Not respecting the sensibilities of an occasion and underdressing because you think its cool. (not making the effort of dressing well for a formal event for instance and showing up in casuals and flip flops because the think they look very cool doing so)
  • Swimming has been part of my life,and I couldn't stand it when men entered pools wearing vests or underwear instead of swimsuits
  • I find it very funny when guys wear these oversized pouches for travel at airports!
  • Don't wear checks with stripes
  • Don't overdose on the cologne 


How would you:
Dress for a formal occasion?

A sharply tailored suit is for a man what an LBD is for a girl

Dress casually and yet look dapper?
Jeans, white tee, and white shoes - aviators and a great jacket for instant casual glam 


Dress for a date?
Jeans and a shirt - it's all in the cut 


Dress on an evening out with friends?
Forever in blue jeans


Which are the five fashion trends that men should look at in 2015?
It's cool to mix and match colors! Summer is around the corner, trying out lighter colors, with classic black jeans maybe and having some fun with accessories too! I love some of the new arm bands and wrist bracelets that are on sale at fashion stores and online as well. I like the LV digit bracelets - and they have some really nice ones in cobalt blue as well just now. 


If a man has to wear a suit because the work he does demands it, how can he make it look different?
Firstly you get some really cool suits now - there are a bunch of niche place are turning out some nice bespoke menswear. And you can accessorise with cool cufflinks and tie pins. Also you can brighten it up with a tie or pocket square- Lots of Indian design houses have nice ones - Sabyasachi, Satya Paul. And look at a nice print on shoes too - I would always look for suits that could match a variety of shoes and also colors that would go well with smartly printed ties! Smart casual looks, maybe on Friday's if work permits, can allow for T shirts with a jacket and sneakers even which can be a whole different look on a suit - Beverly Hills Polo Club, Brooks Brothers and Super Dry are brands I enjoy. 


What does style mean to you?
Answer is no.1 above.


How much edgy can a man be in his personal style? Can he push the boundaries? What, for instance, constitutes edgy to you as far as men's style concerned?
Like I said style is first about self confidence. I think that there is a very fine line between casual dressing and just not making an effort to dress up well or going to the other extreme just to be noticed. I believe that a guy must dress up to impress, first himself and then people around him. If he does not respect how he looks in public, no one would either!


Who are the men you find stylish and why?
I love the suits that SRK wears! They're always the smartest colors and the best fits! The cast of the Oceans Eleven was superbly styled. I'll always remember how good they looked, whether they wore suits or shorts and tees !


What are the basics that a man 'should' have in his wardrobe?
Great jeans, a classic suit,well fitting T shirts and shirts, smart belts, watches with both steel and leather straps, shoes for formal and casual occasions, and a nice cologne.


Any menswear designer that you think is doing good work / edgy work that you would like to recommend?
I like Superdry. Beverly Hills Polo club styled me for a corporate event and they had some great fitting jeans! Rajat Tangri is doing some very interesting things with suits. 


Who is your favourite designer / Which is your favourite brand?
I love the way  Hugo Boss shirt fits ! I've always been fit and so my choice of design has always been slim fit shirts ! I also love the belts they make as well. Theres a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes I have my eye on! Maybe for the summer!


Who is your style icon and why?
I don't have one! I'm always going to be proud of how I look and make an effort to dress up well! I gym to keep myself fit and look good at the talks and events I attend! I think my style has a lot of variety in it, because my life takes me to different places, from golf courses to corporate houses and even swimming pool decks! So, im lucky I have so many options to experiment with, and I shall follow what I think looks best on me!


Is there a grooming staple you never do without?
Not really, I don't stress too much about not having something on me or in my wardrobe! 


Which is the last item you added in your wardrobe?
A Nike cap when I was in Dubai for work and golf and a very nice Mont Blanc belt that I'm yet to wear!