ET Panache - The Economic Times

ET Panache - The Economic Times
What is your personal style like? 
Simple yet classy! I like sharply tailored suits and waistcoats for formal events, and if I'm doing a sports shoot or a workshop, it's hoodies and tight fit tees. I love a good watch or a cool tie pin.
Any style philosophy that you like to abide by?
Confidence is the most important thing. There were times when many didn't agree with the red shoes I wore or the funky coloured trunks I swam in, but I wore them with confidence, and had several swimmers soon follow suit. On a lighter note, I think women will always notice how well-dressed you are, from the clothes all the way to the shoes.
What are your formal wear preferences? 
Just like a woman must have a LBD (Little Black Dress), every guy needs a Sharply Tailored Black Suit in his closet - it's infallible. 
What do you wear while golfing and swimming? 
On a serious round of golf, I'd wear trousers with a collared T-shirt. Guys can accessorise with interesting caps, belts and sunglasses and a pair of shoes. There are some golfers on tour who wear a whole bunch of colours, while others stay simple with black and grey trousers. It depends on your personality and mood. For casual swimmers, I'd suggest picking suits that flatter your body. For instance, don't do the V shaped briefs if you don't have the body for it. 
Your list of best dressed men? 
The one movie where I thought the guys looked the best was Ocean's Eleven. George Clooney and Brad Pitt looked good in their jackets, trousers and glares. Very classy. Paul Newman has got timeless classic style. Shah Rukh Khan wears the best fit s.u.i.t.s. in Bollywood. Ratan Tata has always looked good in formals and Richard Branson is just too confident in whatever he wears. 
Top 5 things you just cannot do without in your wardrobe: 

- Black and tan / brown shoes 

- Classic fitted shirts 

- Polo tees for golf 

- A smartwatch 

- Jeans with a great fit! Forever in blue jeans