Tesoro - Taj Business Bay

Tesoro - Taj Business Bay

Tesoro, Taj Dubai:

There's an Arabic proverb that says "Laughter is the brightest where food is the best" and there are many places I would recommend for great food and ambience in Dubai, a city which some of the world's best restaurants call home. Neighborhood cafes dish up cuisines that vary from Yemeni to Ethiopian while fine dining places spin fairytales with their mélange of food and atmosphere.

I train in golf, my new passion, at the Butch Harmon School of Golf, and travel to the UAE often. Discovering the best food a place has on offer is something my Parsi genes unfailingly call out for me to do, on every visit. Today I want to share with you, my experiences at one of my most memorable meals in Dubai..

Tesoro is Spanish for ‘treasure’ and it’s an enchanting restaurant, riding the wave of Peruvian outlets that opened in Dubai recently. You may be sceptical when you find out that it doubles up as the hotel’s breakfast venue, but fear not - the ambience is magical. Fine timber latticework, with fairylit bonsai trees and spacious seating, make for a warm and festive atmosphere indoors. Ask for a table on the terrace lounge overlooking the dancing lights of the Burj Khalifa; the view along with delicious food and Taj’s legendary service is sure to make you smile.


The food is delicious and authentically Peruvian too. You’ll see plenty of ceviche, quinoa, cau cau, causa, rocoto, huancaina, lomo saltado, anticuchos, pollo a la brasa and Nikkei on the menu. If you’re new to Peruvian cuisine, the staff - dressed in subtle but striking Peruvian attire - will take time to help you make choices, explaining the dishes and their origins even.

Try the focaccia with Amarillo butter as a starter. Or the Argentenian Rib Eyed Steak which is tender and flavourful. Our server recommended the Argentinian Malbec as an accompaniment to this delicious dish. We finished with a bucket of delicious churros for dessert which come with hazelnut or chocolate sauce.


At less than 400 AED for 2, fantastic service and great ambience, the place is certainly on my list of must-visit-again-soon.

Timings: 7am to 11pm

Address: 3rd Floor, Taj Business Bay, Burj Khalifa Street, Business Bay,Dubai

Phone: +971 4 438 3100

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rehan Poncha is one of India’s finest athletes. An Olympian Swimmer and Arjuna Awardee, Rehan has recently taken up golf as a sport of choice and trains in Dubai. He is an excellent motivational speaker and a self-confessed travel junkie. You can Follow him on FacebookTwitter and Instagram