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Levantine , Atlantis Review - MakeMyTrip


The good thing about being a professional swimmer is the high calorie burn out because of the intense workout, which for me equals enjoying decadent food while touring or on holidays, without too much guilt. This comes particularly in handy when you're dining at a restaurant like Levantine, at Atlantis the Palm, Dubai.


Atlantis the Palm - Luxury redefined

One of the hotel's 23 bars, restaurants and cafés, Levantine is Atlantis' strictly 'Lebanese affair'. With a panoramic show kitchen and an elegant vibe, the restaurant is distinctively Middle Eastern and infused with an explosion of colours and Oriental influences. If you’re craving Arabic food in Dubai, this is a great choice. Though fairly pricey, the relaxed ambiance with its live Lebanese music and dramatic belly dancing makes for a wonderful evening.

Dishes from cold and hot mezze, traditional dishes like Kebbeh Nayeh (dish of raw minced lamb, cracked wheat and spices) and shared meats off the grill add to the buzz of the exotic design space. Mezze's typically consist of a variety of tastes, flavors and aromas, and are the perfect accompaniment to your drinks. I particularly loved the Levantine Hummus, a velvety puree of chickpeas, seasoned with cumin, pine seeds and parsley. The Aubergine Moussaka, cooked with tomatoes and onions, and topped with seasonings came highly recommended by the maître d' at Levantine and is certainly worth trying.


The mouth-watering Seafood Platter

I was told that in many Middle Eastern traditions mezze could be a meal in its own right, with vegetarian, meat and fish options. About four to five dishes are served at a time, along with olives, Tahini, salad and yogurt, followed by vegetables and eggs, then small meat or fish and finally whole fish or meat stews and grills.

The Seafood Platter makes a great main course, with the freshest selection of lobster, prawn, sea bass and red snapper, grilled to perfection and served with roasted vegetables and saffron rice. At AED 650 this is good value for money.


Rehan enjoying a delicious meal at the Levantine

On offer at the bar is a variety of fresh juices, a selection of Arak (a Levantine alcoholic spirit) and Ouzo (a Greek aniseed-flavoured spirit), champagnes, cocktails from Casablanca, Istanbul and Beirut, and an extensive selection of wines including the finest Lebanese wines.


The Levantine remains one of Dubai's most famous restaurants

Choose between the sitting on the beautiful outdoor terrace of the Levantine garden, an intimate affair with views overlooking the pool and the Palm beyond, especially as dusk sets in. A popular shisha menu, with a fresh fruit selection that also includes a distinct 'Atlantis Mix', is available for the shisha connoisseurs. You can also opt for the red and white themed dining space, with its delightful Arabic décor and antiques, which is further complemented by the resident DJ playing relaxing tunes. The fifteen-minute performance by a beautiful belly dancer, certainly adds to the peaceful, easy feeling of the evening.

The food, ambience and service, blend to make this restaurant on my list of favorites in Dubai.
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Photo Credit: Rehan Poncha